Assembler I

Company Name:
Universal Forest Products
General Summary:
Assembler I is responsible for fabricating component parts or assembling the finish product according to the customer specifications.
, Requirements:
Secures and maintains correct component parts and supplies required on the operation.
Completes work area set up.
Fits parts together in accordance with prescribed manner and in accordance with quality standards.
Operates hand tools as required to complete assembly process.
Stacks completed products in accordance with established procedures, and if required, may cover, label and band components/finish product.
Ensures work area is safe, clean and organized, and that equipment is safe to operate.
Completes pre-shift/startup equipment inspection checklist and reports any problems or concerns.
Maintains a clean and orderly work environment.
Maintains production records as required.
Checks materials and finished products to ensure compliance with standards.
Performs duties consistent with established safety and quality procedures, rules, and standards.
Participates in safety, CI and other programs and meetings.
Performs other duties as assigned.
, Job Description:
Minimum 10th grade basic education or equivalent.
3 months of manufacturing, carpentry or assembling experience is required
Working knowledge of basic math.
Skills and abilities
Ability to work in a safe manner
Ability to recognize size/grade/quality of material
Demonstrates ability to follow specific instructions and directions
Demonstrate ability to use and operate hand tools
Demonstrate ability to stack material properly
Ability to pay attention to surroundings
Ability to identify safety issues in their work area, and notice equipment malfunctions
Ability to understand basic verbal and written instructions in English.
Ability to read a tape measure
Ability to troubleshoot nail gun machines and other similar hand held equipment.
Demonstrate eye-hand coordination
Ability to work under immediate supervision
Ability to pass a drug test
Ability to work hours mandated by management
Safety conscious
Team player and goal oriented
Open to change and positive attitude
Committed to plant and company goals
Participates in Safety and CI programs
Punctual and reliable
Looks for ways to improve productivity and department results

Don't Be Fooled

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