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Delta Career Education Corporation
The Maintenance Worker is responsible for performing maintenance and repairs to ensure that students, staff, and the community are provided a safe, attractive, clean, and healthy environment for learning and work. He/She contributes technical expertise and manual skill to a wide variety of maintenance activities related to buildings, grounds, equipment and furnishings. This position provides routine maintenance, assists skilled trades, and ensures that tools, materials, and vehicles are maintained in good working order to ensure operational effectiveness and safety.
? High School diploma or equivalent
? Valid driver's license for type of equipment to be driven, with no serious violations
? Three years experience with several areas of maintenance (e.g., plumbing, painting, HVAC, masonry, small engine repair)
? Post-secondary training in skilled trade
? Closely related building maintenance experience
Performs Grounds/Outdoor Maintenance
Performs routine grounds keeping activities (e.g., mows, fertilizes, and waters grass; trims shrubs; plants flowers, etc.) to maintain attractive campus appearance.
Assists with removal of snow, ice, debris, and other materials to eliminate potentially hazardous conditions.
Installs, repairs, and maintains sprinklers, asphalt, fencing, signage or other systems and materials to contribute to grounds improvements.
Cleans, repairs, installs, or moves outdoor furniture and structures.
Performs Buildings Maintenance
Ensures structures, windows, doors, equipment, and furnishings are in good working order at all times.
Arranges furniture and equipment and assists in clean-up to provide adequate preparations for building events.
Routinely inspects system and facility components (e.g., lighting, HVAC, alarms, plumbing, security, electrical panels etc.) to provide a safe and workable environment.
Performs a wide variety of general and semiskilled maintenance activities (e.g., carpentry, painting, electrical, etc.) to improve facilities.
Develops recommendations for others to perform work beyond the scope of responsibilities, skill, or experience to ensure work is completed at a quality level and in compliance with licensure requirements.
Acquires and delivers equipment, materials, and supplies and maintains an adequate supply of parts and supplies to ensure that future maintenance work can be completed efficiently.
Responds to emergency situations during and after hours to resolve immediate safety concerns.
Documents all injuries that require treatment to comply with regulatory requirements.
Contributes to General Maintenance Processes
Assists with miscellaneous work (e.g., receipt of deliveries, package inspections, materials storage, etc.) to maintain operational workflow.
Assists in maintaining tools, machinery, vehicles and equipment to ensure they are available and in good working order when needed by Facilities personnel.
Utilizes the work order system to ensure that work requests are documented and approved before completion.
Maintains accurate records to document work performed, completed, and signed-off.
Follows internal procedures, building codes, and fire, safety, health, and environmental regulations to maintain compliance and ensure safe conditions.
Makes recommendations to improve effectiveness and efficiency of campus maintenance.
Participates in training and meetings to improve maintenance operations.
Date: 2014-05-27
Country: US
State: SC
City: Conway
Postal Code: 29528
Category: Other

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